Graduation at Deakin University

Posted: May 15, 2012 by kai723 in Deakin University, Education
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by Chenchen Xie, Xixi Chen, Ziyao Huang and Kai Wang

It is graduation season at Deakin University again. According to Phil from graduation office, the number of students who graduate in this graduation season is 3,500. There is apparently an increase of the number compared with last year.

In the graduation ceremony that occurred last week, the lecturer points out that the success of graduates is due to the dedication and effort of students as well as the support and assistance of their family. He also expresses his opinion about the future of graduates as bright and glorious.

In terms of international students themselves, they believe that they can either devote themsleves to the development of their own country with the knowledge learnt at Deakin Univeristy or continue to further study  to improve themselves.

  1. Karisa McCauley says:

    Hi guys,
    Good job. You have a few phrases that could be re-worded to be simpler if you liked, ie as a sub-editor, I’d be tempted to change “He also expresses his opinion about the future of graduates as bright and glorious.” to a simpler “He said the future of graduates was bright and glorious.”
    It many cases, when you say something simply it has more impact.
    Also I’d suggest “This is an increase” – rather than “there is apparently an increase”. Again, simple but strong.

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