Flu Vax arrives at Deakin

Posted: May 15, 2012 by acoope in Deakin University, Health, Melbourne
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by Ashling Cooper

With assessment deadlines and confined lecture theatres on the cards for the coming months,  Deakin students and staff are prime targets for the Influenza virus

Flu symptoms include high temperatures, chills, sore throats, congestion, nausea and sneezing. Having the  flu is not pleasant and is not a solution for delaying  deadlines and examinations.

Fortunately, the Influenza vaccination is available at all on-campus Medical Centres for only $20, after a no-cost consultation with a friendly nurse.

A quick jab in between classes can ensure Deakin staff and students are  prepared for the predicted flu strains this year.

The Victorian Government site, Better Health Channel, encourages flu vaccinations  in the autumn season to prepare for wet Melbourne winters.

Not everyone believes the flu injection is the be-all and end-all for Influenza protection .

In the online academic newsletter, The Conversation, Senior Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Sydney, Julie Leask, explores  the idea that the flu vaccine is ineffective.

A person may get a strain not covered by the vaccine….some people’s immune systems don’t respond to the influenza vaccine

Monday’s Medical Myth – The Conversation

Deakin’s experienced and highly qualified Medical Centre team swear by the vaccine and Kim-Jane Tarudia, Practice Manager, disagrees with Leask’s argument.

The flu is far more serious than the “common cold”….  The flu season for 2012 requires monitoring and will cause symptoms in people ranging from mild to severe. You cannot catch the flu from the flu injection.

Deakin University Burwood students queuing for their vaccinations

Campus practice nurse, Tricia McRae, also encourages everyone to consider a vaccine.

The Influenza vaccine protects against three strains of the virus and it’s one of the best ways to ensure good health this winter.

For Deakin students and staff, a consultation is all it takes. The vaccine can be discussed in further detail with one of the many helpful campus nurses between the business hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

For all Burwood campus appointments call 03 9244 6300.

For further information visit Deakin Medical Centres

  1. Karisa McCauley says:

    Good story with a strong opening.
    Well done

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