Is Vodafone taking the power from 3 customers?

Posted: August 19, 2011 by jordanabanana in mojo, Social Issues
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Is Vodafone taking control of its 3 customers by forcing them to move companies? Jordan Oldridge investigates.

  1. Hi Jordan, what’s Vodafone’s official position on this?
    Earlier this year Vodafone said it was responding to consumer criticism according to Gizmodo

    The Vodafone FAQs has some sort-of answers.

  2. ivoburum says:

    hi jordana – I felt the same way ‘exactly’ when I was with Vodafone (you captured that mood) they are a European juggernaut and will think nothing of using Australia to beta test their policy – and their coverage sucks – go mojo

    • Hey Martin This is more about 3’s coverage. Vodafones coverage is getting better and they are putting a lot of money on new towers, however as Vodafone is going to be the main company they are not putting any improvement into 3 and it’s coverage is deteriorating. I didnt actualy get a official comment from Vodafone, as I ran out of time. Very bad journalism of me though 🙂
      [EM, OK Jordan, more time, next time]

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